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Scythe Kama Flow 2 120 (SP1225FDB12H)

The Kama Flow 2 120 series from the Japanese firm Scythe were among the leaders of the first part of this bipartite review, delivering excellent cooling performance at low noise. Here I will check out the high-speed SP1225FDB12H model. Its packaging is the same as that of its lower-speed cousins except for the specs and model name.

According to the specs, the rotation speed is 1900 RPM; the air flow is 63.23 CFM; the noise level is 33.8 dBA. The static pressure is not specified. The weight of the fan is 169 grams.

The model name is indicated on the fan sticker:

The improved fluid dynamic bearing of the Kama Flow 2 120 series is expected to keep the fan up and running for no less than 120,000 hours. This fan is among the most economical, consuming no more than 1.9 watts. Its start-up voltage is very low at only 2.8 volts.

This cooler serves as the reference point in this review, so you could have already seen its results in the diagrams. It is one of the best in this test session.

Scythe Slip Stream 120 PWM and PWM-V.R. (SY1225SL12HPVC and SY1225SL12HPVS)

Scythe’s Slip Stream 120 PWM (SY1225SL12HPVC) and PWM-V.R. (SY1225SL12HPVS) fans are not very new. In fact, they are improved versions of the old Slip Stream 120 model. I will describe the improvements shortly.

The packaging of these products is typical of Scythe: a plastic blister wrap with a paper insert you can find a lot of information on.


Included with the fans are a speed controller, screws, and a PATA power adapter.

The new fans look like an ordinary Slip Stream 120. They have a black frame and a black 9-blade impeller fastened to a small 36mm motor with four curved spokes.


The impeller is 113 millimeters in diameter. Three of the fan spokes are 5 millimeters wide; the cable spoke is 12 millimeters wide. The weight of the fan is 130 grams.

There is nothing new I can tell you about the design and features of the Slip Stream series because it has been around for over 3 years already.

So, what about the PWM and PWM-V.R modifications? As its name suggests, the former version supports PWM-based speed control which is implemented in an original way. Using the controller designed as a back-panel bracket, you can set the top speed limit for the automatic control mode. The speed range is 470 to 1900 RPM at 7 to 37 dBA of noise and an air flow of 23 to 110.3 CFM.

The PWM-V.R. version in its turn features an additional switch for turning the PWM control off and adjusting the speed of the fan manually. The speed range is 500 to 1500 RPM at 7.5 to 32 dBA of noise and an air flow of 24.5 to 81.64 CFM.

Here are the stickers on the fans:


Each model starts up at a voltage of 5 volts or lower. The peak power consumption is 3.2 and 6.5 watts for the PWM-V.R. and PWM version, respectively. The 3-wire cable is 600 millimeters long together with the controller cable. The sleeve bearing of these fans is rated for 30,000 hours of operation.

The test results of the updated Slip Stream 120 fans are shown in the diagram:

The popular Slip Stream 120 series should be given credit for being but slightly inferior to the leader despite their respectable age. The PWM model is the better of the two although the PWM-V.R. is very close to it in performance. The fans are both very stable, meaning that their noise depends directly on their rotation speed. They do not produce any unwanted additional sounds.

Scythe Slip Stream Slim (SY1212SL12M and SY1212SL12H)

Here are more Slip Stream fans. I discussed the junior cousins of the SY1212SL12M and SY1212SL12H models in the first part of this review. They come in transparent plastic packages with paper inserts covered with informational text.


In the previous review of 120mm fans I tested the 800 and 1200 RPM Slip Stream Slim fans. Here, I will take a look at the models with rated speeds of 1600 and 2000 RPM, an air flow of 38.1 and 45.5 CFM, and a noise level of 28.9 and 37 dBA. They do not have any design differences from the Slip Stream Slim products discussed in the first part of this review.

The fan stickers indicate the model name, voltage, current and the country of origin of the product.


The start-up voltage is not specified in the product specs but proved to be 6.8 volts for the 1600RPM model and 5.1 volts for the 2000RPM one. The peak power consumption is 2.1 and 2.7 watts, respectively. The service life of the sleeve bearing is specified to be 30,000 hours.

Here are the test results of these fans:

These slim fans are expectedly weak in terms of air flow. Only 10 millimeters thick, they cannot pump large amounts of air. These Scythe Slip Stream Slim fans are not quiet, either. While being the main reason for their low performance, their slim form-factor is also their advantage because these fans can be used where others just wouldn’t fit.

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