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Summary Diagrams

There are too many fans in this review, so I decided to unload the diagrams by not including the worst of the clone fans Deepcool UF120 and Rexus TopMotor DF121225BH, the duplicate fans Everflow R121225BL, Scythe Slip Stream 120 PWM-V.R. (SY1225SL12HPVS), Scythe Slip Stream 120 Slim (SY1212SL12M) and Xigmatek XLF-F1253, and the worst fans from the same brand, i.e. the two fans from Cooler Master (Excalibur and BladeMaster) and the SilenX iXtrema Pro LEDIXP-74-14. To keep the scale of the diagrams reasonably large, I did not include the loudest and most powerful Delta FFB1212EH, either.

So, the first diagram allows to compare the noise level of the tested fans.

Here is the same diagram scaled up to 36 dBA:

The lower the graph, the quieter the fan is. The leaders are the Scythe Kama Flow 2, Cooler Master SickleFlow, Floston Red Impeller 120P, be quiet! Silent Wings and ZalmanZM-F3.

The following diagram shows the correlation between the noise and air flow of the fans.

Now let’s check out summary diagrams with all the fans tested in the second part of this review together with the test results of a Scythe Ultra Kaze (DFS123812L-2000) and a Noiseblocker NB Multiframe M12-S2:


The first diagram shows the maximum air flow of each fan.

The Delta FFB1212EH is first, followed by the Panaflo H1A and Everflow R121225BU. The Scythe Slip Stream Slim is the worst fan here.

Now let’s see which fan is the best until up to the highest comfortable level of noise.

The good old Scythe Ultra Kaze wins the test but is closely followed by the Scythe Kama Flow 2 and the Cooler Master SickleFlow. The Floston Red Impeller 120P, Noiseblocker NB Multiframe M12-S2 and Zalman ZM-F3 deliver excellent performance as well. The worst results are produced by the noisiest fans and by the Scythe Slip Stream Slim.

There is no point in publishing a diagram with the air flow of the fans at the subjectively comfortable level of noise because this review includes noisy models. Quiet fans were covered in my previous review.

So, the next diagram shows the start-up voltage of the fans:


This diagram shows the peak power consumption of the tested fans:

The last diagram shows the recommended prices for the tested 120mm fans.

As you can see, the most expensive fan is six and more times as costly as the cheapest one, but this difference in price does not always agree with their specs and performance.

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