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Considering that this test session mostly includes high-speed fans, I guess that the most powerful of them should be put aside into a separate group. I mean fans which strive to deliver as strong an air flow and as high a static pressure as possible at the expense of acoustic comfort. These are the Delta FFB1212EH, Cool Age 120SX2, Everflow R121225BU and, especially, Panaflo H1A. The latter not only boasts a very strong air flow but is also the quietest among these four. Therefore, Panaflo H1A recieves our Ultimate Innovation title:

On the other hand, if you need the strongest air flow possible, there is no other alternative to the Delta FFB1212EH which is very powerful and very loud.

The second and most numerous group of fans includes the Akasa Viper, Antec TriColor, Coolink SWiF2 1201, Alpenföhn Föhn 120 Wing Boost and Deepcool UF120, Cooler Master’s BladeMaster and Excalibur, ARCTIC F12 Pro PWM, the fans from Rexus and Rexflo, Scythe’s Slip Stream 120 PWM and Slip Stream 120 PWM-V.R., the two fans of the SilenX iXtrema series, and the Triebwerk TK-122. These fans are not bad or anything, yet there is nothing really special about them, either. They are not record-breakers in terms of noise or air flow, but each of them may be interesting to users. The highlighted fans may also be included into this group. I mean the Logisys CCF120GN, the pair of Xigmatek fans and the above-mentioned Antec TriColor with the SilenX iXtrema series. These models are going to be interesting for all modders and aesthetes.

And the last group consists of the Scythe Kama Flow 2, be quiet! Silent Wings, Cooler Master SickleFlow, Floston Red Impeller 120P and Zalman ZM-F3. These fans are quieter than the others and, thanks to that, have an advantage in air flow at the subjectively comfortable level of 36 dBA. The last three models also come at highly appealing prices. These are excellent fans that won’t leave you disappointed. Therefore, we are proud to award Scythe Kama Flow 2, be quiet! Silent Wings, Cooler Master SickleFlow, Floston Red Impeller 120P and Zalman ZM-F3 with our Recommended Buy title:

There is only one thing left for me to note. Besides the static pressure of the fans which I could not measure with my tools, I also could not check out the durability of the fans. Many manufacturers specify the service life of the bearing but it’s hard to test this in practice. Sleeve bearings are usually the least durable. Next go fluid dynamic bearings, and ball bearings are the most durable type. However, considering the numerous varieties of fluid dynamic bearings available now, this bearing type may have a longer rated service life than a ball bearing. We all are going to be testers then because such durability tests are going to take place in our own computers!

Finally, we would like to extend our special thanks to online store - a great source of PC modification supplies - for providing us the following review samples: Evercool Aluminum Frame fan, Cooljag Everflow 121225BL, Cooljag Everflow 9-Blade PWM (R121225BU), Delta FFB1212EH, Logisys CCF120GN, Rexflo DF1212025BH-PWMG, Scythe Kama 120mm PWM Fan (DFS122512L-PWM), and the award-winning Panaflo H1A.

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