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Coolink SWiF2 120P

The SWiF2 120P is a copy of the SWiF2 1201 model I tested earlier but with somewhat different specs. The product box is the same, though.

It now includes a power splitter besides silicone pins and screws.

There are no design differences from the 1201 model, but the 120P supports PWM-based speed regulation within a range of 800 to 1700 RPM. The air flow varies from 35.6 to 75.1 CFM at that while the noise level, from 8.5 to 27.1 dBA. The static pressure of the fan is not specified.

There is a sticker with the electric specs and the Coolink web address on the fan’s motor.

The fan’s start-up voltage is specified to be 7 volts but its impeller would begin to spin up even at 5.4 volts. I measured the power consumption of the SWiF2 120P to be 3.54 watts or very close to the specified value. The fan costs $12 and has no other differences from the Coolink SWiF2 1201. So, let’s move on the test results:

Despite falling behind the leader, the Coolink SWiF2 120P is quite a good fan in itself. Most users are not going to notice that, but I must tell you about its peculiarity which is not obvious from the graph: its noise may change very suddenly when the fan changes its speed. The SWiF2 120P does not rattle or anything, but cannot boast anything exceptional in terms of noisiness and air flow. So, it’s just an average product.

Floston Red Impeller 120P

The Red Impeller 120P is an elder cousin of the high-quality, quiet and inexpensive Red Impeller 120Q and comes in a similar box. The product specs on the back are different, of course.


This model doesn’t differ from its cousin in design but has one visual difference. Its frame is black.


This fan weighs 125 grams and is 20-25 grams heavier than the 120Q. Its rotation speed is 1800 RPM; the air flow is 61.9 CFM; the noise level is 25 dBA; the static pressure is 1.75 millimeters of water.

As opposed to the 120Q’s sleeve bearing, the 120P is equipped with a dual ball bearing with a rated service life of 50,000 hours. According to the specifications, the start-up voltage of this fan is 6 volts, but my sample started up at 4.4 volts already. Its peak power consumption was 2.7 watts in my tests, which is lower than specified, too.

Now will the Red Impeller 120P be up to the high quality standards of Floston? Let’s check this out.

Indeed, the graph of the Red Impeller 120P goes very close to the graph of the leader of this test session. Thus, the Floston Red Impeller 120P is an excellent fan with an optimal noise-to-airflow ratio. Most importantly, it costs only one third of the price of the Scythe Kama Flow 2!

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