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Evercool Aluminum Frame (12025)

The only non-plastic fan in this roundup comes from Evercool. The Aluminum Frame (12025) is shipped in a modest box that has a cardboard bottom and a plastic cover.

The specs of the three models in the series are listed on the back of the box. I’ve got the midrange model with the M index. Included with the fan are a PATA power adapter and four screws.

The Evercool Aluminum Frame is manufactured in China and costs a mere $7. It is expected to work for 1 year without any problems.

As is clear from its name, the key feature of this product is its aluminum frame. The plastic impeller is fastened to it with four plastic spokes. The impeller blades are painted silvery to match the frame.


The impeller and electromotor are 111 and 42 millimeters in diameter, respectively. The four spokes are all 5 millimeters wide. The weight of the fan is 299 grams, making it the heaviest in this test session.

The interior of the frame is smooth. You can see the cutouts for the impeller poles:

Those poles are fastened with ordinary screws:

The 3mm gap between the impeller and the frame can also be seen in the photo. So, why did they make the frame from aluminum? I guess to be different from the other manufacturers and fans. There are just no other fans available with aluminum frames!

The rated speed of the Evercool Aluminum Frame is 2000 RPM. Working at this speed, it is declared to deliver an air flow of 79.1 CFM and a static pressure of 2.83 millimeters of water at 36 dBA of noise. I measured its start-up voltage and peak power consumption to be 5 volts and 2.93 watts, respectively, which is somewhat lower than specified.

The fan runs on a ball bearing whose service life is not specified by the manufacturer. The 3-wire cable is 380 millimeters long.

Here are the test results for this fan:

The aluminum frame seems to be the only advantage of this fan. The Evercool Aluminum Frame is far from exceptional in terms of air flow or noisiness.

Everflow R121225BL and R121225BU

Everflow Technology Corporation is represented with one model in this review but the Everflow 121225 comes in two speed flavors: the medium “BL” and the high-speed “BU”. Both fans are shipped in OEM packaging without any accessories. They are manufactured in China and cost $12 to 16. The warranty period is 1 year long.

The two speed versions do not differ in design. Both have a black frame and a black impeller with nine sharp blades that have a large angle of attack.


The impeller and electromotor are 112 and 43 millimeters in diameter, respectively. Three of the fan spokes are 5 millimeters wide; the cable spoke is 8 millimeters wide. The weight of the fan is 140 grams according to the specs and 152-156 grams according to my measurements.

These Everflow fans feature an aggressive impeller with long and dashingly twisted blades.

There are two ribs on the interior of the frame. This and the closeness of the impeller to it (the gap is only 2 millimeters) suggest a rather high level of noise and also a high level of static pressure these fans should deliver.

The BL version has a rated speed of 1500 RPM. The BU version features PWM-based speed control up to 2400 RPM. Their parameters are specified like this: air flow at 66.7 and 110 CFM; static pressure at 1.42 and 3.12 millimeters of water; and noise level at 30.5 and 39.5 dBA.

Besides the speed and related characteristics, there are other differences between these two versions. The junior version runs on a sleeve bearing with a rated service life of 30,000 hours whereas the senior model features a dual ball bearing with a service life of 50,000 hours. There are differences in their electronics, too, as you can see by comparing the information on their stickers:


So, the Everflow R121225BL is declared to have a peak power draw of 2.4 watts and the R121225BU, 4.8 watts. They consumed 1.8 and 4.5 watts, respectively, in my tests. The start-up voltage was 5.9 volts for the BL version and 4.8 volts for the BU version. The cables of these fans are 295 millimeters long.

Let’s see if their test results differ.

Well, we can see the two Everflow R121225 fans perform consistently, delivering the same air flow and noise within the same speed range. The senior model, the R121225 BU, is one of the leaders of this test session in terms of air flow. Otherwise, there is nothing special about them.

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