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Logisys CCF120GN

The Logisys CCF120GN fan comes in the most popular type of packaging:

Included with the fan are a speed controller, a back-panel bracket for turning the fan’s highlighting on and off, and screws.

Like most other fans, the Logisys CCF120GN is manufactured in China. Its recommended price is $17. Its warranty period is 1 year.

As opposed to the other tested 120mm fans, this model features a highlighting cathode lamp fastened with screws.



The lamp is powered via a separate cable and can be turned off if necessary.

Otherwise, the Logisys CCF120GN is an ordinary fan of the 120x120x25mm form-factor with a 7-blade transparent impeller and a transparent frame. The impeller and electromotor are 112 and 40 millimeters in diameter, respectively. Three of the fan spokes are 4 millimeters wide; the cable spoke is 8 millimeters wide.

The impeller blades are shaped classically and do not betray any newfangled innovations or optimizations:

According to the specs, the speed of this fan can be changed with the included controller within a range of 2800 to 3200 RPM, but my sample was actually rotating at 910 to 1820 RPM. Interestingly, the air flow is supposed to be 42.3 CFM at only 22 dBA of noise within the specified range of 2800-3200 RPM.

The fan sticker shows the manufacturer’s logo and website address.

The fan runs on a sleeve bearing with an unknown service life. The Logisys CFF120GN starts up at 3.5 volts and consumes no more than 4.1 watts (without the lamp). Its cable is very long at 500 millimeters plus the adapters and the speed controller cable. So, you shouldn’t have any trouble connecting this fan to any point in any system case.

Here are its test results:

Alas, the Logisys CCF120GN is perhaps the worst product in this review. The original highlighting is the only advantage I can see in it.

Panaflo H1A (NBM-MAT FBA12G12H)

Here is another OEM fan for you. The Panaflo H1A comes in a simple pack with two power cables.

The fan is a product of the Japanese firm Minebea-Matsushita which is a well-known maker of high-quality fans. It is manufactured in China and costs slightly above $20. Its warranty period is 1 year.

The Panaflo H1A is a 120x120x38mm fan with seven small blades and a massive electromotor fastened on four spokes:


The impeller and electromotor are 113 and 59 millimeters in diameter, respectively. Three of the fan spokes are 5 millimeters wide; the cable spoke is 10 millimeters wide.

The design makes it clear that this fan is meant to produce a strong air flow, the noise level being but a secondary factor. The product specs suggest that point, too: 2500 RPM, 103.8 CFM and 41.5 dBA.

The fan runs on a fluid dynamic bearing whose service life is not specified. There is a sticker on the electromotor telling you the model name and some other information.

According to it, the peak power consumption of the fan is 7.2 watts but I didn’t spot the fan to consume more than 4.7 watts during my tests. The start-up voltage is very low at only 3 volts. The 3-wire cables are rather short at 240 millimeters.

Let’s take a look at the test results of the Panaflo H1A:

Well, this is an excellent performance! Being expectedly inferior to the leader at low speeds, the Panaflo H1A gets closer to the latter and overtakes it at high speeds. The superb stability of this fan is impressive: except for one “hump” in its graph, the noise is increasing proportionally to the air flow. Minebea-Matsushita has once again proved its excellent reputation.

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