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ZEROtherm ZT-120F and ZT-120F LED

The last pair of 120mm fans to be discussed in this review comes from ZEROtherm. The ZT-120F and ZT-120F are packed into cardboard boxes with a front window:

The accessories and specs are listed on the back of the box. Each fan is accompanied with two resistor cables to reduce speed, a PATA power adapter, four silicone pins and four self-tapping screws.

The country of origin is China; the warranty is 2 years long; the price is $13 for the highlight-less model and $15 for the highlighted one.

The ZEROtherm ZT-120F and ZT-120F LED fans look elegant:


The long and bravely curved blades look aggressive and ready to maximize air flow and static pressure. The well-finished impeller and frame and the round spokes imply a low noise level.


The maximum speed of the fans is 1300 RPM but the included resistors can help step it down to 1000 or 800 RPM.

The peak air flow is specified to be 43.1 CFM at 22 dBA of noise. The specified static pressure is the highest among all fans in this review, 1.84 mm of water, although the ZT-120F and ZT-120F LED are not the fastest.

The motor is 40 mm in diameter. The sticker on it tells you the bearing type, model name, and electrical parameters.


The fluid dynamic bearing has a service life of 50,000 hours or over 5.7 years of continuous operation. The main cable is 400 mm long and can be extended by means of the included adapters. Interestingly, both models have the same power consumption of 2.4 watts although the highlighted version should need more power, the other factors being the same. We’ll check this out shortly, though.

The fan with red highlighting will surely be appreciated by modders:

The highlighting cannot be turned off, by the way.

And now we can move on to our tests.

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