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Corsair AF120 Quiet Edition Twin Pack

Corsair's 140mm fans came out on top in our previous article and we've got two more to test today. First goes the AF120 Quiet Edition model.

Corsair ships it in original packaging which consists of two adjacent boxes with two fans. Unfolding it, you can see the fans and exhaustive information about them.

Besides the model name, you can learn the fan’s rotation speed, noise level, other specs and key features. The accessories include a user manual, a promo booklet, two interchangeable colored rings, mounting screws, and a cable with step-down resistor.

This fan is manufactured in China and costs $17 individually or $30 for a two-piece kit. The warranty period is 2 years.

The Corsair AF120 Quiet Edition is meant to be used as a system fan and has an original impeller with nine flat blades:


The manufacturer claims this model to produce a high air flow, reaching its maximum strength at a distance of 3 centimeters from the impeller. The latter is 112 mm in diameter. There is a 1mm gap between the blades and the interior of the frame.

The fan has a constant speed of 1100 RPM and lacks PWM-based regulation, but the included resistor cable can be used to lower its speed to 750-800 RPM (according to our monitoring tools). At the maximum speed the specified air flow is 39.9 CFM at a static pressure of 0.50 mm of water and 21 dBA of noise.

Like Corsair’s 140mm fans, this one has vibration-absorbing silicone inserts in the corners of the frame.

The interchangeable colored rings add more originality to the appearance of these Corsair fans.

The AF120 Quiet Edition is equipped with a fluid dynamic bearing whose service life is not indicated in the specs. The motor is 43 mm in diameter. Its sticker informs you of the manufacturer, voltage, electric current, and country of origin.

The fan is supposed to consume no more than 2.3 watts at 0.19 amperes. The startup voltage is not declared, but we will check it out in our tests. The cable is 300 mm long.

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