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We tested our first LEPA for the roundup review of 135/150mm fans and are going to test three more for the next part, but today we'll take a look at the CHOPPER (LPCP12N-BL/R).

The face side of the compact cardboard box is open, so you can easily examine the fan.


On the back you can read some information about the fan’s key features and learn its specifications. Besides the fan, the box contains a PATA power adapter and four short silicone pins.

Like the rest of fans in this review, the LEPA is manufactured in China and costs about $13. Its warranty lasts 1 year.

The LEPA CHOPPER is a 120x120x25mm fan that weighs 98 grams. Thus, it’s the lightest in this review. Here’s how it looks:


One glance at the fan is enough to see that it is a purely modding-oriented model that is meant for embellishing a system case or cooler. It is not designed for computer enthusiasts. The translucent frame and transparent 7-blade impeller with a diameter of 112 mm are connected with slim 4mm spokes. Every detail of the fan, and especially the impeller, is exceedingly sleek.

The manufacturer seems to have tried to smooth out every edge and lower the noise level along the way. Indeed, the specified noise level is 16 dBA, which is very good for a fan that works at a constant speed of 900 RPM. The air flow is expected to be 40.2 CFM (compare this to the specified air flow of the optimized Corsair AF120 Quiet Edition at 1100 RPM) and the static pressure, 0.72 mm of water.

The bearing type is not disclosed, but we suspect it is a fluid dynamic one. The service life is 50,000 hours. The motor is 40 mm in diameter. It has a sticker with the fan's part number and electrical specs.

According to them, the LEPA CHOPPER consumes no more than 2.4 watts of power at 0.20 amperes.

But of course, the key feature of this model is not its speed, air flow or noise but its beautiful highlighting:


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