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Nanoxia FX EVO 120 IFC 1000 and IFC 1300

Nanoxia has been represented in each of our fan roundups. Today, we've got as many as three models from that brand. First, let’s take a look at the FX EVO 120 IFC 1000 and IFC 1300 models.

The rather large cardboard box is designed in Nanoxia’s traditional style. The fan can be partially seen together with the speed controller through the figured cutouts in the front of the box.

Product features and technologies are listed on the back. Besides specifications, you can also see graphs that show the correlation between speed and voltage.

There’s a plastic case inside the cardboard wrapper. Its compartments contain the fan, a speed controller designed as a bracket for the back panel of a computer case, and some screws and silicone pins.

The fan is manufactured in China (we wonder if no fans are manufactured in Japan anymore). The retail price of the FX EVO 120 IFC 1000 and IFC 1300 is about $15. They feature a record-breaking warranty of 10 years. Nanoxia should be given credit for having such faith in its products.

The diameter of the acid-green 7-blade impeller is 113 mm. These 120mm fans weigh a mere 106 grams.


The Nanoxia FX EVO 120 IFC series can be easily identified by the eye-catching coloring. The manufacturer employs a number of exclusive technologies in them which we've discussed in our earlier reviews.

The FX EVO 120 IFC 1000 and IFC 1300 models differ in their maximum rotation speed. As their model names suggest, the former has a max speed of 1000 RPM and the latter, 1300 RPM. By the way, the speed is indicated right on the sticker affixed to the 40mm motor.


The rest of the specs can be looked up in the table above. Using the included controller the speed of the junior model can be lowered to 300 RPM. The minimum speed of the midrange model is 395 RPM. There's also a senior model in this series we're going to test in our upcoming review.

The fans run on exclusive Nano Engineered Bearings whose service life is as long as 150,000 hours. The precision-balanced ECO motor makes the fans economical (0.8 watts) even at the maximum speed. The cables are 430 mm long and the speed regulator is half a meter long more. The startup voltage of both models is declared to be 3.5 volts.

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