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Nanoxia FX EVO 140mm IFC

Being always well-represented in our fan tests, Nanoxia offers the FX EVO 140mm IFC model today. The packaging is designed in the company's traditional style. It is an acid-green box with cutouts.

The text on the box provides detailed product-related information including its 10-year warranty and a graph of its speed/voltage correlation. The fan comes with a speed controller designed as a bracket for the back panel of a computer case, silicone pins, self-tipping screws and a user guide.

The Nanoxia FX EVO 140mm IFC is manufactured in China and costs $19. That’s quite expensive.

Compared to the Nanoxia DX14, the FX EVO has a lot of differences. Instead of seven broad blades, the impeller now has nine blades which are narrower but curved in a more aggressive way.


The diameter of the detachable impeller hasn’t changed much. It is 131 mm, as compared to the predecessor's 132 mm. The weight has been reduced from 140 to 122 grams. Nanoxia fans still use makrolon blades which are durable and water-resistant.

The frame hasn’t changed except that there are no bushings in the mounting holes.

The interior of the frame has two ribs. The maximum speed of the fans is 1000 and 1500 RPM. You can regulate it with the included rheobus. The bottom limit is 390 RPM for the junior model and 680 RPM for the senior model. The rest of the specs can be seen in the table above. Nanoxia offers the same models with PWM-based regulation, too.

The fans run on exclusive Nano Engineered Bearings whose service life has been improved from 80,000 to a fantastic 150,000 RPM. The precision-balanced ECO motor makes the fans economical even at the maximum speed. The junior model is declared to consume 0.96 watts while the senior should consume no more than 3 watts at 1500 RPM.

The 44mm motors have stickers with model names:


Each model has a startup voltage of 3.5 volts. The 3-wire sleeved cable is 410 mm long.

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