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NZXT FN 140RB and FX 140LB

Next go two fans from NZXT: FN 140RB and FX 140LB. Designed in the same way, their packaging differs in color.

The fan’s impeller can be examined through the oval window in the front of the box. Key product specs are listed below. You can refer to the back of the box for detailed specs in four languages. Each fan is accompanied by a power adapter for a PATA connector, self-tipping screws and four silicone pins.

Designed in Los Angeles, California, the fans are manufactured in China. They cost $14 for the FN 140RB model and $19 for the FX 140LB. The warranty is 2 years long.

These two 140mm fans from NZXT are almost identical visually. The faster model (on the right) has a somewhat darker impeller and a different sticker. Otherwise, we can find no difference.

The 9-blade impeller is 133 mm in diameter. It is the largest diameter among the 140mm fans included into this review. Broadening out towards the ends, the blades have a long and sharp outer edge and a clearly defined angle of attack.

The frame is perfectly ordinary with two ribs on the interior surface and bushings in the mounting holes. The fans weigh 138 and 168 grams.

The NZXT FN 140RB has a constant speed of 1300 RPM whereas the faster NZXT FX 140LB can vary its speed from 1000 to 2000 RPM basing on a 3-way switch. The air flow, noise and static pressure specs are typical for such speeds. You can learn them from the specs table at the beginning of our review.

The NZXT fans both have the same diameter of the motor. It is only 39 mm. Its sticker reports you the bearing type and electrical specs.


The junior model is specified to consume 2.88 watts at 0.24 amperes while the senior model needs 1.56 to 6.6 watts at 0.13 to 0.55 amperes. The startup voltage of the fans is not declared. The service life of the improved rifle bearings is 40,000 hours. The sleeved cables are about half a meter long.

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