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Phanteks PH-F140TS

Phanteks PH-F140TS fans may be familiar to you from our tests of the Phanteks PH-TC14P? super-cooler. The latter's fans are also available as standalone products shipped in this large cardboard packaging:

This product’s specs seem to be the most detailed among all the fans in this review.

The fan and accessories are served on a translucent plastic tray with two compartments:

Included with the fan are two adapters with resistors for speed reduction, a power adapter for a PATA connector, a steel bracket to fasten the fan on the back panel of a computer case, silicone dampers, screws and pins:

Designed in Europe, the fan is manufactured in China. It costs $22 and has a 5-year warranty.

The 140mm Phanteks PH-F140TS is available in five colors: with black, blue, orange, red and white impeller. We’ve got the two latter versions of the fan.

The impeller with notched blades looks original. Referred to as Maelström Vortex Booster technology, this is expected to reduce turbulence and noise. The resulting fins lie in different planes:

The interior of the frame is almost perfectly smooth while the motor is only 36 mm in diameter.

The rated speed of the fan is 1200 RPM, producing an air flow of 78.1 CFM at a static pressure of 1.21 of water and 19 dBA of noise. Using the included adapters, you can step the voltage down from 12 to 9 or 7.5 volts and decrease the rotation speed to 900 or 750 RPM, respectively, with a corresponding reduction in the rest of the parameters.

The fans run on an original Updraft Floating Balance bearing which features an additional balancing ring and a specified service life of 150,000 hours (over 17 years of continuous operation!). Instead of a paper sticker, there is a steel plaque on the fan’s motor with carved-out names of the manufacturer and product, the official website address, and the electrical parameters.

The fan needs no more than 1.8 watts of power at 0.15 amperes. The startup voltage is not declared in the specs. The sleeved 3-pin cable is 400 mm long.

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