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Thermalright TY-150

Almost two years after the highly successful TY-140 Thermalright rolls out two models of larger diameters: TY-150 and TY-170. We’ll test the former today.

Thermalright doesn’t try to attract the customer with eye-catching product packaging. The TY-150 is shipped in a plain cardboard box with a small cutout that lets you check out the sticker on the fan's motor.

You can learn key product features and technical specs on the back of the box. The fan comes with no accessories. Manufactured in China, it costs about $15. The warranty period is 2 years.

As its name suggests, the TY-150 is just a slightly larger version of the TY-140 with seven broad greenish-colored blades and a brown frame.


Indeed, the form-factor is now 170x150x26.5 mm, which makes it the largest model in this review. The fan weighs 175 grams.

The impeller is 142 mm in diameter, which is about 10 mm larger than the impellers of the other fans. There's a 3mm gap between the impeller and the frame.

The TY-150 supports PWM-based regulation and its speed can be varied from 500 to 1100 RPM. The air flow is declared to be within 38.2 to 84.2 CFM. The noise level is 17 to 21 dBA. Thermalright doesn’t specify the static pressure parameter for its fans.

The motor is 42 mm in diameter, which isn’t much for such a large impeller. Its sticker informs you of the fan’s model name, voltage, current and country of origin.

The fan has a peak power draw of 2.4 watts. The service life of its dual ball bearing is not declared. The 4-wire sleeved cable is short at only 295 mm.

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