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Thermalright X-Silent 140

Thermalright X-Silent 140 is another product from this North American Company that appeared about 6 months before the TY-140 model. The packaging is much more attractive here. There is even a picture of an aircraft engine on the back of the box:

Besides, there are also official fan specifications listed on the back. The fan comes with four long silicone mounting spindles, four self-tapping screws and a short adapter for the PATA power source:

Thermalright X-Silent 140 is 141x141x25 mm big and weighs 170 g. It consists of a dark-gray glossy frame and eleven-blade semi-transparent impeller:


This is the largest impeller of all, its diameter is 134 mm. It sits on four straight pins, three of which are 7 mm wide and the fourth one – 9 mm wide. The internal frame surface has two ribs and the gap between the blade end and the frame is 2 mm.

Inside the frame retention holes we one more time see the notorious bushes. The blades of the Thermalright X-Silent 140 fan are hardly unique in any particular way: they have a modest angle and thin but not sharp front edge. The fan rotates at 900 RPM. However, the manufacturer claims a 60.42 CFM airflow at this speed, which is higher than that of Revoltec AirGuard (56.5 CFM) or Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentPRO PK-2 (56.5 CFM) at 1200(!) RPM. This makes NoctuaNF-P14 FLX with its 52.4 CFM at 1200 RPM almost an outsider. However, it is important to remember that the airflow measuring techniques may differ by different manufacturers, not to mention that sometimes the numbers come simply out of nowhere. I also want to add that the specs also claim 20.9 dBA of noise and do not mention anything about the fan’s static pressure.

Thermalright X-Silent 140 fan uses a fluid dynamic bearing with 50,000 hours MTBF. The rotor is 44 mm in diameter and is covered with a plastic sticker containing some info about the fan:

Thermalright X-Silent 140 is claimed to support 7 V startup voltage, which is almost exactly what our tests showed: 7.4 V. according to its technical specs, its maximum power consumption shouldn’t exceed 1.68 W, but our measurements revealed that it didn’t even exceed 1 W. I have to admit that it is a very energy-efficient fan. It comes with a 400 mm long sleeved cable, unlike the TY-140 model from the same maker we have just discussed.

Thermalright X-Silent 140 fans are made in China, they come with a one-year warranty and are priced at only $12.

Let’s see if Thermalright X-Silent 140 can indeed offer large airflow at a low level of noise:

Despite the relatively modest airflow readings, Thermalright X-Silent 140 is extremely quiet, yielding just a tiny bit to TY-140 model. The fan runs very smoothly and softly, in an acoustically pleasant spectrum. There is no trace of any parasitic sounds like crackling or rustling. Due to very low level of noise, Thermalright X-Silent 140 takes the good third place in our ratings, becoming the third best fan. It remains acoustically comfortable up to 940 RPM and very quiet - up to 770 RPM. Judging by the results of the two models we reviewed today we have to admit that Thermalright maintains the brand reputation by manufacturing mot only high-quality coolers, but also excellent cooling fans.

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