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Deep Cool UF140

We have already introduced Deep Cool brand to you in one of our recent CPU cooler reviews. Today we are going to talk about their new 140 mm fan – Deep Cool UF140. This fan ships in a large white box with a fan image on the front and its specification in several different languages on the back of the box:


The thin slip-on cover hides a box made of thick cardboard that has a flip-cover with magnetic locks. Inside this cover there is a detailed description of the included accessories, several examples of proper fan installation, and four airflow and static pressure graphs for all Deep Cool UF series fans:

Deep Cool UF140 lies in a plastic tray with the bundled accessories placed in a section next to it under a cardboard cover:

The fan is bundled with four long silicone mounts, manual, PATA power supply connector, extender and a cable with two soldered-in variable resistors for lowering the fan rotation speed.

UF140 is a 140x140x25 mm fan, which comes with retention of a 120 mm fan. We are going to see more than one solution like that in our today’s roundup. However, these fans won’t always be suitable for case cooling, because they may simply not fit into the spot designed for a 120 mm fan. But as for using them for CPU cooling, in most cases they will do just fine.

Let’s take a closer look at the new fan:


Subjectively, Deep Cool UF140 has very refined and neat looks: bright-blue nine-blade fan sitting inside a pale cream-colored round frame with a silver rotor sticker. There are three thin pins and one wide one (with a cable inside it) holding the fan in the frame.

The fan is non-removable and is only 128 mm in diameter (the only fan with even smaller diameter is the one from Scythe):

There is a 2 mm gap between the blades and the inside of the fan frame.

The key peculiarity of the Deep Cool UF140 fan is the soft elastic anti-vibration cover called TPE Cover, which lines the inside of the plastic frame around the fan:

According to the manufacturer, this cover combine with the effect from the use of enclosed silicone mounts prevents any possible vibration transfer from the fan to the system case of cooler heatsink, which makes Deep Cool UF140 an extremely quiet product.

Another peculiarity of this fan is the presence of three raised horizontal lines across every blade:

As you can understand from the fan description, they aren’t intended for any sort of airflow optimization, as you may have assumed, but for creating unique visual effect when the fan is working. However, as you can tell from the height of these lines, they shouldn’t have any significant effect on the fan’s airflow.

As for the specifications of Deep Cool UF140, we didn’t notice anything advanced about them. Due to enclosed resistors, the rotation speed may vary in the interval from 700 to 1200 RPM; the maximum airflow is declared at 71.8 CFM, and he noise should be between 17.6 and 26.7 dBA. The manufacturer didn’t indicate the static pressure. This fan is one of the heaviest fans in our today’s roundup. It weighs 167 g.

However, the rotor is, on the contrary, the one with the smallest diameter of only 41 mm. It is covered with a sticker bearing the manufacturer logo and the name of the country where the fan was made:

The declared voltage for Deep Cool UF140 is 10.8-13.2 V, with the startup voltage at 7 V. In our case, both fans would start at 5.8 V, which is very good for a 140 mm fan. The maximum power consumption of 1.56 W according to the specifications is almost the same as we got during our tests – 1.61 W, but this is one of the average results obtained today. The 420 mm three-pin cable is long enough, plus there are also adapters that add a little length to it. Deep Cool UF140 uses a double ball bearing with 40,000 hours MTBF, which is very little for a bearing of this type. The recommended retail price of this fan from China is $22.95, which makes it the most expensive fan in our today’s roundup.

Before we proceed to the first graph, I would like to add that for your convenience we drew all graphs using the same scale (the same grid). Now let’s check out the airflow and the acoustic performance of Deep Cool UF140 fan:

Deep Cool UF140 didn’t break any records neither in acoustic performance, nor in airflow volume. This fan proved to be a stable average runner, although frankly speaking, we had expected it to shine more because of its very high price. Nevertheless, we can certainly give this product due credit for soft and smooth operation and absence of any sort of parasitic sounds. These fans do not crackle or rustle, although they aren’t among the leaders in terms of their noise level. In my personal opinion, Deep Cool UF140 remains acoustically comfortable up to 830 RPM and is extremely quiet at up to 720 RPM. The addition of a two-array heatsink into the testing pipe doesn’t lower the airflow too much.

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