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Evercool Red Scorpion (RSF-14)

Red Scorpion fan from Evercool is sealed in a clear plastic blister with a very bright cardboard insert:


The insert has fan specifications and brief description of its key features printed on it. Red Scorpion comes with four self-tapping screws and a PATA power-adapter:

I am sure the word “red” in the name comes from the red color of the semitransparent fan blades:


The semi-transparent frame is of dark-brown color. This contrast makes the fan really stand out. It measures 140x140x25 mm, but these dimensions are provided without the plastic adapter-ring that allows installing Red Scorpion fans into the system case spots designed to accommodate 120 mm fans. Moreover, this ring will also help guide the airflow better, as its outer edge is cone-shaped.

Evercool Red Scorpion has 11 almost flat, but slightly curved blades with relatively small surface. The diameter of the fan itself is 131 mm and it sits on four pins that cannot be considered particularly thin. There are two noticeable edges on the inside of the fan frame, so it is not totally smooth like the one of the previous testing participant:

These edges will most likely make the fan a little noisier, that it could be without them. The nominal fan rotation speed is declared at 1200 RPM. There is no mention of the airflow and static pressure in the fan specs, and the noise shouldn’t exceed 22 dBA.

The fan rotor is 45 mm in diameter. There is a red paper sticker with a scorpion and fan marking on top of it:

Evercool Red Scorpion uses an “Ever Lubricate” bearing technology with at least 40,000 hours MTBF. The nominal fan voltage is 12 V, while the startup voltage of both fan units we tested wasn’t mentioned in the specs and equaled 3.7 V. the three-pin cable measured 360 mm without the PATA adapter. The price of Evercool Red Scorpion fan is one of the lowest among our today’s testing participants - $10!

Here are the test results:

Unfortunately, Evercool Red Scorpion turned out one of the two obvious outsiders in this test session. The reason for this poor result is loud rustling of the blades at speeds beyond 850-900 RPM. Hadn’t it been for this rustling sound, the fan would have been acoustically comfortable at 840 RPM and could have been considered quiet at 610 RPM or lower speed, but this is not the case. At the same time, Red Scorpion doesn’t show any high airflow readings, which places it at the bottom of our fan rating list. Its only true advantage is the lower price point and very slight reduction of the airflow volume under load. However, this is hardly a consolation because of its poor acoustic performance.

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