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Revoltec AirGuard 140 mm (RL060)

There are a lot of Revoltec branded fans out there, but we managed to get our hands on only one model – AirGuard 140 mm (RL060). The fan is sealed in a clear plastic blister with a cardboard center. The front side is fully open, which allows you to check out the entire fan without removing it from the package:


The fan specifications are provided on the back of the package in two languages. The only accessories included with the fan are four self-tapping screws for fastening the fan.

Revoltec AirGuard 140 mm looks pretty common. It measures 140x140x25 mm and weighs 150 g. It consists of a black frame and black impeller sitting on four wide pins with a Revoltec logo sticker covering the front of its rotor:


However, this fan does boast one unique feature compared with the rest of the testing participants: it has three mounting holes in each corner of the fan frame, including the holes that would fit a 120 mm fan space. However, we are still pretty upset to see the bushes in these holes.

Seven blades of the 130 mm impeller of Revoltec AirGuard fan have a sharp front edge and a wide end. You can clearly see two ribs going along the inside of the frame, which will most likely produce additional noise:

There is a 2-3 mm gap between the frame and the fan blades. The fan rotates with constant speed of 1200 RPM. At this speed Revoltec AirGuard 140 mm should create 56.5 CFM airflow and be no louder than 19.8 dBA. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the fan’s static pressure among the specifications.

The fan rotor is 45 mm in diameter and the sticker on top of it provides info not only on the manufacturer and fan model, but also of the bearing type used in it. It is ”Hysint bearing”:

Besides “a low noise development and a long lasting operating time”, we couldn’t find any other info about this bearing type. I dare suppose that it is none other but a common fluid-dynamic bearing with 50,000 hours MTBF. Maximum power consumption of Revoltec AirGuard 140 mm fan is claimed to be at 1.32 W, which is close to what we got: 1.21 W. As for the startup voltage, AirGuard can’t boast much here, as its startup voltage is relatively high is equals 6.6 V. It comes with a 500 mm long three-pin cable.

Revoltec AirGuard 140 mm fans are manufactured in China and come with a 1-year warranty. They are priced at $13 MSRP.

Now let’s check out the results of Revoltec AirGuard 140 mm tests:

Despite big promises and super-new technologies, Revoltec AirGuard 140 mm fan turned out a very good product. High-quality fluid dynamics combined with sharp fan blades make this fan acoustically comfortable at up to 950 RPM and very quiet at up to 750 RPM. As for the airflow, Revoltec AirGuard feels quite at home here and over the entire range of tests it proved to be in the middle pack of very good products. Considering its low MSRP, it deserves a good “B+”.

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