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Thermalright TY-140

Thermalright TY-140 fans are the newest product from the well-known company. Unfortunately, they are sold in unappealing brownish-colored box with a round opening in the center of the front panel that reveals the fan rotor sticker:


The fan’s key features and technical specs are all listed on the back of the box. There are no accessories bundled with the fan, none whatsoever. The box only contains the actual fan and some air for it :)

Despite being the largest of all today’s testing participants – 153x140x26.5 mm - Thermalright TY-140 weighs only 140 g (only Noiseblocker fans are lighter). The first TY-140 sample we got our hands on this time had a dark-blue impeller and a pale-green frame:


However, the next two samples had a dark-gray impeller, which is the final coloring scheme of this fan model. Fans like that have already started selling.

The fans stand out not only due to their large frame with retention holes for 120 mm fan slots, but also due to not very large impeller, which diameter is only 130 mm. Besides, the seven blades of this fan are the most massive of all thirteen 140 mm fans tested today. It is also remarkable that Thermalright TY-140 fan blades contact only 3/5 of the rotor surface, i.e. they are coming out of the lower part of the rotor. But towards the end of the blades they rise up to the top of the rotor:

There are two sharp edges inside the fan frame. The impeller sits on three 7 mm wide pins and one 10 mm wide pin that are curved in the opposite direction. The wider pin holds a four-pin cable. Thermalright TY-140 fans are the only ones in our today’s test session that support pulse-width modulation. As a result, their rotation speed may vary in the interval between 900 and 1300 RPM creating 57-73 CFM airflow and generating 19-21 dBA of noise.

Thermalright TY-140 fans use Thermalright’s exclusive “Enhanced Hyper-Flow” bearing that generates very little noise and is very durable. The latter was confirmed by the official MTBF of 100,000 hours declared in the specifications. The motor with the bearing inside are covered with a sticker telling you the manufacturer’s name, fan model, voltage, current and the country the fan is made in:

The rotor diameter is 41 mm. the maximum power consumption of Thermalright TY-140 is 2.4 W according to the specifications, and 1.27 W according to our tests. Its startup voltage is 5.7 V. The sleeved cable it comes with is 250 mm long, which is not enough to connect the fan to any part of the mainboard, not to mention using it as a case fan. Thermalright TY-140 comes with a recommended price tag of $14.95 and is furnished with a one-year warranty.

So, what will the new fans surprise us with? Here is the answer:

First of all, Thermalright TY-140 impressed us with its extremely low level of noise. In fact, it is the quietest fan of all models tested today, unless you are a quietness maniac, of course. For example, this fan rotates at 1080 RPM at 36 dBA (which is the subjective comfort level), and it is an absolutely best result obtained today. And at 33 dBA, which is a subjective quiet zone, this fan rotates at 790 RPM yielding only to Scythe Slip Stream 140 in airflow. No crackling or rustling of any kind, of course, just the airflow blown by seven large blades.

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