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Our today’s testing participants are surely very interesting solutions. Each of them has its own highlights, of course. When Titan worked on their Vanessa S-type solution they seem to have simply forgotten about the major function of a CPU cooler and focused primarily on the external looks. They should have added LEDs into the fan to make the picture complete, and then, maybe, some commencing modders-overclockers would like to get one of those coolers for their system case with a transparent side panel. However, I personally felt really uncomfortable that a 36-dollar cooling device was defeated by a regular boxed cooler.

Titan Vanessa L-type is a little better solution, however, if Titan’s competitors roll out a few hits like Thermaltake Big Typhoon, which are even better value from the price prospective, then Titan Vanessa L-type will simply have no chances. You can always purchase the same fan rotation speed manager device with additional LED lightning for something about $10.

As for Zalman CNPS9500 LED, there is nothing to add here so far. It is more efficient than the boxed cooler and is equipped with the fan LEDs from the very beginning, but it cannot beat the leader still.

I cannot tell you right now if Thermaltake Big Typhoon is going to be better than Scythe Ninja Heatpipe, because we haven’t completed our tests yet, but so far it looks like the overclocker’s choice for the next half a year has been made: if you go with air cooling - go for Thermaltake Big Typhoon.

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