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Titan Vanessa S-Type (NK15TB/SC (RB))

The cooler we are going to begin with is shipped in a very beautiful box made of thick carton. The box is very large, I would even say unusually large for a package of a cooling solution. The box dimensions are 26.5cm x 20cm x 10cm (LxWxH). On the front cover there is a pretty girl with butterfly wings, which look like they have been made of some silverfish metal.

There is also a small photo of the Titan Vanessa S-type cooler and a few icons highlighting the major cooler advantages from the manufacturer’s point of view: high CPU cooling efficiency, low noise level, simple installation procedure, Titan Nano Blue thermal paste included into the bundle and fan rotation speed.

In my humble opinion, the reverse side of the package seems to be much more interesting and informative:

There you can find detailed specifications and cooler characteristics, a large photograph of the actual cooler with component listings and their detailed descriptions, a list of supported CPU form-factors and a photo of the fan rotation speed manager. On the sides of the box there are more cooler pictures taken from four different sides and a complete list of all the accessories bundled with this cooler that you will find inside the box. Of course, there is the usual “must have” info about the product meeting ecological standards, the bar-code and the URL of the manufacturer’s official web-site.

Inside the carton box there is another transparent plastic box with a cover. All the Titan Vanessa S-type cooler components are placed in their designated sections:

Under the fan there is a small box with the retention mechanisms for all supported CPU socket types and a tube with thermal paste:

The accessories bundled with the Titan Vanessa S-type cooler include the following:

  • Aluminum heatsink with three heatpipes;
  • 92mm x 92mm x25mm fan;
  • LGA775 socket frame and backplate;
  • Socket 478 frame and backplate;
  • Socket 462 (Socket A) retention clip;
  • Socket 754/939/940 retention clip;
  • Fastening screws for each socket type;
  • Titan Nano Blue thermal paste (TTG-B20015);
  • Cooler fan rotation speed managing device;
  • Retention plates for fastening the fan rotation speed manager inside the 3.5” bay;
  • Fan rotation speed manager bracket for the case rear panel;
  • Detailed installation manual in 6 languages.
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