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If you have been reading our cooler reviews you should already be familiar with the design of Titan Vanessa S-type cooler. It is built of aluminum plates stacked onto three heatpipes:

These heatpipes are made of aluminum, not copper. There are 45 aluminum plates, each ~0.5mm thick. They have larger contact surface with the heatpipes than just their cross-section: when the holes in these plates were squeezed, there formed a kind of small aluminum skirt around the heatpipes, which is a little bit bigger than 0.5mm. The heatpipes are ~5mm in diameter. The entire heatsink construction without a fan is very light-weight, despite its impressive size. The ends of the heatpipes are covered with blue rubber caps, which serve not only some protective purposes preventing the heatpipes from physical damage, but also add to the aesthetic looks of the cooler.

Titan classified Vanessa cooler family as “butterfly design”. And this is certainly a very logical name. Take a look yourselves:

The aluminum plates are really shaped like a butterfly. Moreover, the very top plate is covered with a decorative sticker of a butterfly-girl from the fantasy land (I assume her name is Vanessa :) ).

The fan is designed in a blue-silver gamma. It is 92mm x 92mm x 25mm in size, is covered with protective grid and features seven silver blades:

The fan can be installed onto the heatsink only on one side of it. It is fastened with two metal brackets, which should catch to the corresponding slits in the heatsink plates:

To tell the truth, this retention solution seemed to be very unstable and unreliable at first glance, however I have to admit that even when the fan was working at its maximum rotation speed, I didn’t notice any excessive vibrations.

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