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Thermaltake Big Typhoon (CL-P0114)

We have already tested this great cooling solution and discussed most details about it in our article called Four CPU Coolers from Thermaltake Tested . However, in case you missed that article we will repeat a few most essential things here.

The transparent plastic package allows you to take a closer look at the cooler even before you buy it:

There was no room on the face cover of the package for any technical info and specs, so Thermaltake placed there just three major specification highlights a few small pictures of the cooler. The reverse side of the package also doesn’t reveal too many technical details:

There are six icons-pictures of the cooler components and the bar-core. The detailed technical specs are listed on one of the sides of the pyramid-shaped package.

All the bundled accessories are packed in a black carton box at the bottom of the package. Namely you will find the following items inside this box:

  • LGA775 socket bracket and rubberized plate;
  • Socket 478 retention mechanism;
  • Socket 754/939/940 retention plate;
  • Fastening screws and nuts, and additional pads;
  • A pack of thermal paste (1g);
  • Two manuals with installation tips for all socket types.

As you see, there is no fan rotation speed control device included. Although this cooler doesn’t really need it.

Thermaltake Big Typhoon is designed with 6 copper heatpipes (two sets, three heatpipes in each). The diameter of these heatpipes is about 6mm. They are curved to a trapezium shaped construction ending at the top of the cooler:

The heatpipes go through 140 aluminum plates, each 0.3mm thin. The aluminum plates are also split into two sets, 70 in each set. The top of the whole construction is covered with metal casing with Thermatake’s brand logo on the sides, and the 120mm fan is fastened to the casing:

The orange fan blades are covered with protective grid. The fan rotation speed is 1,300rpm, according to the specifications. Besides, Thermaltake offers the users a few optional fan designs. The standard Big Typhoon fan can be replaced with a fan featuring rotation speed control (A2029 ) or a fan featuring rotation speed control and decorating LED lighting (A2018 ). This way you can improve the functionality and exterior looks of the device. The power cable of the fan is hidden inside a soft plastic sleeve. A very pleasing trifle, I should say.

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