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Spire TherMax Eclipse II (SP984B1-V2)

The next participants of our today’s test session is made by a well-known company called Spire. The cooled we are going to talk about is TherMax Eclipse II (SP984B1-V2). It ships in a large cardboard box with a cut out window in the front:


However, this window covered with clear plastic is too small to let you see the new cooler, so you will need to take it out of the box in order to check it out better. The box bears detailed information about the cooler and the platforms it supports. TherMax Eclipse II is bundled with the following accessories:

When we looked at the retention kits included with the cooler, we got the familiar feeling of déjà vu, which actually proved perfectly normal under the circumstances:


I am sure that the heatsink of the new TherMax Eclipse II reminds you a lot of the recently tested Alpenföhn Nordwand. However, TherMax Eclipse II stands out due to two fans which are attached using eight silicone mounts:


The base with heat-pipe direct touch technology is identical to that of the above mentioned Alpenföhn cooler:

It is finished off quite well and is pretty flat that is why the responsibility for uneven thermal compound imprint lies solely on the protuberant CPU heat-spreader:

The rotors of two 120 mm fans have a Spire sticker, although they look very similar to Cooler Master fans:

Surprisingly, Spire engineers decided not to bother with implementing fan rotation speed adjustment option: the fan rotates with constant speed of 2200 RPM. There is no PWM control of any kind, so the users will have to connect the fans to the fan rotation speed controller or put up with the noise from a pair of 120 mm fans working at such high speeds. However, some mainboards can adjust the rotation speed of the fans connected to them, so if you own one of those boards, you will be able to set TherMax Eclipse II fans at a more comfortable acoustic level.

The cooler is compatible with all contemporary platforms and we have already described the installation procedure in detail many times.

Spire TherMax Eclipse II is priced at $52.99, which is quite acceptable for a cooler with two good fans.

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