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Technical Specifications and Recommended Pricing

Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition Processor

Our new test CPU is from the top price segment for home system CPUs. Its marking reads “SLBUZ”. We have already talked in detail about this processor in our article called “Six Cores for a Desktop: Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition CPU Review”.


This processor sample features a single copper nickel-plated heat-spreader of protuberant shape:


Note that the bump is not really in the center of the heat-spreader, but has been shifted closer to one of the sides. About two thirds of the heat-spreader along the shorter side of it is quite flat, while one third is obviously going south. As for the longer side of the heat-spreader, there are no evenness issues here, as we can tell from applying our available tools. You have already seen what imprints heat-spreaders like that leave on the cooler bases, and you are going to see two more a little later in this review. Despite everything we have just said, we are not going to lap the heat-spreader this time: we will do it in one of our upcoming reviews.

The die of the Extreme Edition processor made with 32 nm process measures 14.3x18.8 mm and is positioned horizontally to the heat-spreader, just like the die of regular Intel Core i7 CPUs:

Therefore, we can assume that the cooling efficiency will depend on the way the cooler heatpipes are positioned in reference to the processor heat-spreader. However, we will need to lap the CPU heat-spreader flat in order to confirm or deny this assumption.

These are the specifications of our Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition processor:

CPU-Z caught Turbo Boost technology in action that is why you can see a slightly different frequency than the nominal one:

The nominal processor Vcore for our unit is 1.225 V.

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