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In conclusion to our today’s review I would like to sum everything up about each of the new cooling solutions discussed and tested today. The Japanese Scythe Yasya comes with a not very good retention for Intel platforms. It is a pity that after Mugen 2 the company has gone back to weak plastic push-pins that bend the mainboard PCB. Moreover, among other drawbacks we could also mention the absence of grooves for the heatpipes in the copper cooler base, the absence of two additional wire clips for the second fan and missing shock-absorbing strips among the bundled accessories. Other than that it is a pretty decent cooler, very efficient, equipped with a fan supporting convenient rotation speed control and adjustment option. The price of the new Scythe Yasya is also absolutely justified.

Spire TherMax Eclipse II is one of the existing modifications of cooling solutions using heatpipe direct touch technology. Although it is also no leader today, it doesn’t suffer from any obvious design issues (except for the intervals between the heatpipes in the base part of it). I would like to point out that it is the only cooler tested today that comes with two high-quality fans and is priced no higher than Scythe Yasya. The only thing missing in TherMax Eclipse II is the ability to adjust the rotation speed of its fans or at least PWM control support.

The only thing we can say about a boxed cooler that comes with the Intel Core i7-980X extreme Edition processor is that it can cope with this exact processor in its nominal mode and during moderate overclocking, although you will have to put up with some serious noise in the latter case. I have t remind you that this is not a universal cooler and it is very unlikely to ever be selling separately from the Extreme Edition CPUs.

Finally, the cooler that deserves our ultimate admiration – ThermoLab Baram-2010. Its effective heatsink surface has become larger, the copper heatpipes and copper base have better and more precise contact, its retention mechanism has become simpler and even more universal than before (there was no LGA1156 support in the previous cooler models). While the cooler weighs only 710 g, it manages to cool the overclocked six-core processor just as good as the long-term leader – Noctua NH-D14, and at maximum fan rotation speed, it even outperforms the Noctua product. True, Baram-2010 costs quite a lot for a fanless product, but being one of the best (if not absolutely THE BEST) it is totally fair to ask $50 for a product like that.

Therefore, we are proud to award ThermoLab Baram-2010 with our Editor’s Choice title as one the best air coolers processors:

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