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However, as you can see from the imprint on the GPU heat-spreader, there is not enough thermal paste to cover the entire contact surface completely:


Of course, the GPU die is smaller than the imprint, however, we applied thermal compound to the entire cooler base to ensure proper contact between the GPU and the cooler (it is a little smaller than the GPU heat-spreader).

The base could have been finished a little better, because you can not only see the machine marks but also feel them by touch:

Three fans cooling the heatsink rotate with the same speed. They are PWM controlled in the interval from 1000 to 200RPM.

Arctic Cooling measures the acoustic in Sones and the maximum noise from this solution is claimed to be maximum 0.5 Sone. The overall airflow is 81CFM. The fans use a dynamic fluid bearing with unknown MTBF.

However, if the manufacturer promises that Accelero Xtreme GTX 280 will serve you well for 6 years, the fan bearings should last least that long.

The fans are connected to the standard GeForce GTX 260-285 connector with a single four-pin cable:

And the last part of the Arctic Cooling system discussed today is the aluminum backplate for the reverse side of the graphics card PCB…

… and an aluminum heatsink plate for the PCB power components:


You have to remove the protective plastic films from both of them before installation.

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