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The cooler makers often prefer to modify and enhance the already existing products. Far not every manufacturer and way not always manages to design a cooler with well-balanced cooling efficiency, acoustic characteristics and price on the first attempt. Moreover, modifying an existing product is always way cheaper than developing and launching into production a completely new model. The release of new CPUs and graphics cards works as an additional stimulus (and sometimes as a necessity) for launching new cooler revision, because they may use different mounting holes or new PCBs that are incompatible with existing cooler systems.

At the same time, it is fairly hard to consider the two new coolers, which we are going to discuss today, slightly modified products. Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo Pro and Scythe Setsugen have been altered significantly compared with their predecessors. Therefore, we believe it makes more sense to regard these products as another phase of evolution in the cooling solutions market. Well, let’s see how successful this phase turned out to be and if Accelero Twin Turbo Pro and Setsugen can cope with contemporary graphics accelerators without hurting the users’ ears too much.

Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo Pro

Package and Accessories

The Swiss Arctic Cooling Company sticks to its traditional packaging: compact clear plastic blisters molded specifically for the given cooler and its accessories. I am sure it is very affordable and besides, you can see practically the entire cooler:


There is a tag on the front of the package stating that the new Accelero Twin Turbo Pro supports such new graphics cards as Nvidia GeForce GT 240 and ATI Radeon HD 5870. The back of the package bears performance diagrams, specifications and key features, which has become traditional for Arctic Cooling.

The bundled accessories lie on a special tray inside the package:

Among them are heatsinks for the memory chips and voltage regulator components, installation manual, power adapter for the Molex connector, screws and washers, and two meshed panels for the back of the system case.

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