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Compatibility and Installation Tips

Accelero Twin Turbo Pro cooler is compatible with most contemporary graphics cards. That is why there are two retention holes in every corner of the steel retention plate. Besides, Arctic Cooling engineers also made a variable steel plate that allows installing the cooler higher or lower:

Before installing Accelero Twin Turbo Pro, you have to remove the protective film from the bundled small heatsinks and stick them onto the memory chips and voltage regulator components:


You also have to remove the protective film from the corners of the steel retention plate. You will need to cover the retention holes with sticky plastic rings that will hold off the pressure and protect the graphics chip from possible damage:

And then all you need to do is tighten the cooler using screws with washers on the back of the PCB and plug the power cable into the connector on the graphics card or into a Molex adapter.

Unfortunately, we failed to install Accelero Twin Turbo Pro onto a reference Radeon HD 5850, because the lower left side of the cooler kept pushing against the aluminum casing around the output ports:

Also the cooler won’t fit onto Radeon HD 5770 and HD 5750. However, it should fit just fine onto Radeon HD 5870 listed among compatible graphics accelerators, because the GPU on this graphics card is located a little farther away from the back panel than on Radeon HD 5850. Too bad we didn’t have this particular graphics card at the time of tests, so we can’t tell you with certainty if that is the case. Let’s take the manufacturer’s word for granted this time.

However, we can assure you that Accelero Twin Turbo Pro will be installed without any issues onto a Radeon HD 4890, even if you use a Thermalright VRM2 heatsink:

The new cooler is priced at $49.90, which is exactly the same as the price of the recently reviewed Zalman VF950 LED. Arctic Cooling offers a 6-year warranty, which may, however, vary depending on the region.

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