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Compatibility and Installation Tips

Scythe Setsugen is compatible with all graphics cards except Radeon HD 5770, HD5750 and dual-GPU graphics accelerators. The cooler is installed using special mounts inserted into the nuts that slide freely along the grooves in the base. There is also a backplate with large thumb nuts that catch on to the mounts:


Everything is very quick and easy. If the graphics processor chip appears below the protective frame you should use a copper 1.5 mm pad from the accessories bundle. Do not forget to apply a layer of thermal interface to both sides of the pad before placing it onto the chip.

This is what Scythe Setsugen looks like installed onto a Radeon HD 5850:

Obviously, about a third of the airflow from Setsugen fan and of the heat from the heatsink plates is sent directly to the CPU cooler:


Moreover, we can’t help noticing that the 120 mm cooling fan covers smaller part of the CBP than two 92 mm fans of the previously discussed Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo Pro.

Scythe Setsugen cooler is manufactured in Taiwan and is priced at $49.8. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

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