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Acoustic Performance

The graph below shows the noise generated by the today’s testing participants compared against the noise from a reference ATI Radeon HD 5850 cooler:

I would like to add a few words of my own to the obtained results. There is nothing to say about the reference Radeon HD 5850 cooler, because it is the noisiest cooler of the today’s testing participants. Even at 1300 RPM its fan produces some crackling sounds that don’t allow us to call it acoustically comfortable. Of course, the fan won’t be able to cool the graphics card at this speed at all: not only during overclocking but also in its nominal mode.

Among the alternative VGA coolers we have to point out the noise from Scythe Setsugen fan. Unfortunately, it has left a pretty negative impression. We could only call it quiet at about 800 RPM, while at 1000-1050 RPM it creates certain dissonance with the heatsink plates and produces a very unpleasant and even annoying sound.

Unlike other testing participants, Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo Pro is an absolute leader of our acoustic tests today. This cooler is impressively quiet and has impeccably balanced fans. There are no parasitic sounds of any kind in the entire rotation speed range, and it only becomes loud after 1500 RPM. At 1100-1200 RPM it is a very quiet, unbelievably quiet cooler. Great job, AC!

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