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Before we get to summarizing all cons and pros for the today’s testing participants, we have to stress that without proper cooling of the VRM components, Accelero Twin Turbo Pro and Setsugen can only be used on low-end and mainstream graphics accelerators, which do not require high-quality VRM heatsinks. The default aluminum heatsinks included with both coolers can only provide sufficient cooling for the appropriate components under low operational load and at nominal frequencies, which many of you are not interested in at all. It is extremely important and until cooler makers start paying due attention to this matter, all their new cooling products will remain half-finished.

Now a few words about the tested coolers. Unfortunately, Scythe Setsugen didn’t prove up to our expectations. We can only consider its cooling efficiency up to 1100 RPM fan speed, because at higher rotation speeds the noise from the cooler is too high. And at these low speeds Scythe Setsugen can only compete against even noisier reference coolers and only under low GPU loads. During the performance tests in applications like FurMark, Setsugen can’t ensure proper cooling of the GPU at all. Among its definite advantages we should point out universal design, simple installation and low price.

The product from the Swiss Arctic Cooling made a completely different impression. Accelero Twin Turbo Pro is a high-quality and true evolutionary development of the older model, when all the modifications and changes were indeed for the best. This new cooler proved very effective and quiet and will definitely satisfy even those users who care most of all about the acoustic performance of their system. Besides, Twin Turbo Pro is also very easy to install and is compatible with many contemporary graphics accelerators, which unfortunately, do not include the reference Radeon HD 5850/5770/5750. We look forward to testing the new Accelero Twin Turbo Pro revision that should be free from these issues and should offer a complex solution to the problem mentioned in the first paragraph of this review.

P.S.: As we learned while working on this review, the Japanese Scythe discontinued their Setsugen cooler and is currently preparing to launch its second version with some serious modifications and changes.
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