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Competition is becoming ever fiercer in the sector of top-end system cases. There are fewer enthusiasts nowadays, while serially made computer systems don’t usually have such expensive cases. Every argument is important now in this fight and the manufacturers have got prone to come up with extremely interesting products.

The aviation-styled design employed by AeroCool Advanced Technologies is nothing really new for users who are keeping in touch with this market. The company actually uses one aviation-like element, an air inlet of the front fan stylized to look like an airplane turbine. This design solution looks nice, although has its own drawbacks. But now that it’s not enough anymore for the extremely competitive market, the company goes the path which has been tested on the Dominator cooler and boils down to “let’s put a larger fan in!”

The problem with this approach is that external features are emphasized to the detriment of the main purpose of any innovation, which is to improve functionality. There is going to be an effect, surely, I mean the marketing effect, but it may not be enough, either. But without making hasty conclusions, let’s see what AeroCool has got in store for us.

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AeroCool AeroEngine JR

The first product on my list is one of the simplest models the company offers. It is called AeroCool AeroEngine JR and is shipped in a rather trivial-looking box:

The packaging seems to be somewhat too plain for a system case that costs about $80 in retail without a power supply. On the other hand, it’s the contents that are important. Here it is:

A slightly modified classic combination with an original front panel and a side. The front view is good:

The silver ring of the intake fan looks cool. The open bays are covered by a front door that seems to be quite heavy:

But it only seems such. The door proved to be made of plastic. It is light and is not actually top-notch, especially its fastening mechanism. If you push this door heavily once, it will just break off, and the case won’t look any good without it. The Power and Reset buttons are placed on the sides of the 3.5” bays:

These are not designed well, either. They look exactly like chromium-plated plastic does and would be more appropriate on a system case for half the price at best. The Power and HDD indicators are placed above the air inlet:

No complaints about them just because every maker has mastered the art of making LED indicators already. I just glad they use ordinary LEDs rather than super-bright spotlights that can easily replace a night-lamp.

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