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The side fan grill is funny:

I wonder what this T3 grill has to do with the aviation-style design. Do they imply that the Terminator came from the future on a plane? But he didn’t use one as far as I remember. Well, I’ll leave this for the developer to explain. On my part I can say that the grill is not perfect in terms of ventilation and noise. It just has too few holes for a normal passing of air. As a matter of fact, it is odd for the fan to be placed there, especially considering that there is no fan on the back panel.


If they wanted so much to install a fan on the side panel, why not position it opposite the graphics card where it would do more good? Generally speaking, there is no need for an exhaust fan on the rear panel in a midrange computer system, if there is a good intake fan on the front panel and one fan on a side panel. There’s already excessive pressure in the system case which is more than enough for proper ventilation.

A funny thing, there is a kind of a tail going out of the bottom part of the system case…

It is then lost inside the case – quite an unusual accessory. The side panel is secured with thumbscrews:

So, you don’t want a screwdriver to access the system’s innards. There is also a handle you can pull at to take the panel off once you’ve removed the screws:

The fan on the side panel is quite a common device:

It is 80mm in diameter, with a translucent case and LED highlighting.

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