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The window can be removed; it is fastened with screws on the inside.

It’s good to be offered the opportunity, but it is not actually called for here. The window could be made irremovable because no one is going to take it off. It’s just not the class of the system case to do such things with.

It is all very depressing inside:

I hadn’t expected anything like that considering the price of the product. First, the metal of the chassis is no different in quality or thickness from products of no-name Chinese firms. And second, even optical drives are to be fastened with screws here! The cage for HDDs is just a joke:

It is not removable and HDDs are fastened with screws in it. Moreover, it is oriented lengthwise! The company’s product range includes the AeroEngine C-class model that is externally designed alike to the AeroEngine JR, but has a much better metal, a better fastening mechanism for the drives, and a handier HDD cage. We haven’t yet got that model for our tests, though. The junior model is poor in the quality of manufacture and the ergonomics of the chassis (I hadn’t bruised and cut my fingers assembling a computer system for a couple of years before I had to deal with this system case; today even cheap no-name system cases have all the edges rolled neatly).

The front panel can be removed easily:

This is going to help when you are installing your optical drives because the bay brackets have to be torn off. The fan is installed in a somewhat odd way:

I don’t know the reason for that. There’s enough of space around to align it normally, even considering the not-very-compact connector the fan has:

Things you’ll need to assemble the system are all in a pack that is glued to the bottom panel:

This small pack contains everything. The mystery of the system case’s tail is now exposed, too:


This is just a frontal FireWire connector routed in such an odd manner. I can’t comment on this as I just can’t understand the developer’s logic.

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