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AeroCool ExtremEngine 3T

The AeroCool ExtremEngine 3T model follows the aviation theme too, but comes in a more attractive box than the previous model:

The pretty package contains a pretty system case:

This model has a more consistent exterior design as opposed to the junior model. The front panel looks especially good:

The metallic magnet-held half-doors over the drive bays are excellent, and you still have easy access to the front-panel interface connectors and to one control of the built-in rheobus. The only downside is that you have to manually open up each half, which becomes boring eventually. Well, you can just keep them open all the time if you need constant access to the optical drive or other 5.25”/3.5” devices and the front panel will look good then, too:

An interesting feature, the system case comes with a built-in three-channel fan speed controller:

That’s a useful thing especially as three channels should be more than enough for an ordinary PC configuration. The key design element is the 25cm fan on the side panel:

That’s splendid. No one has ever done anything like that. This solution may be functionally questionable, but it does look impressive. It’s not quite correct to call it a second turbine, as is written on the box, because the fan actually looks like a fan:

A turbine would have differently shaped and more densely placed blades. There is no chromium-plated handle on the door – the rheobus, metallic half-doors and huge fan must have consumed the entire product budget, so the user has to content himself with this plastic thing:

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