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The internal layout of the ExtremEngine 3T is a copy of the AeroEngine JR…

…which doesn’t count as a plus. The design of the front panel is different, though:

The fan is fastened on the system case separately from the turbine fake and has a diameter of 140mm instead of 120mm:

And there is no grill in front of it to obstruct air flow. The speed controller is implemented in a simple, but reliable way:

They didn’t save on the heatsinks, so I’ve got no complaints at all. The side-panel fan looks impressive, too:

Its power rating of 4.5W is especially remarkable. Such numbers could only be seen in specifications of high-speed server coolers until now. The system is assembled just like in the AeroEngine JR, but I have to note one more negative thing in the design:

The rivets that hold parts of the chassis together stick out too much into the case and make it difficult to install some expansion cards. The AeroEngine JR has the same problem too, by the way, but I had thought it was just a defect of the particular sample. Now that I see it in the ExtremEngine 3T too, it is obviously a flaw in the overall model design.

Highs: Good exterior design of the front panel, a built-in fan speed controller, a 25cm fan on the side panel

Lows: Mediocre chassis

Summary: This model looks better than the AeroEngine JR, but it has the same drawbacks. Its original appearance is combined with a cheap chassis and a number of design flaws. And it doesn’t quite worth its retail price of $100. On the other hand, no other system case has such a large fan!

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