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Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro

The second cooler is called Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro and ships in a box with a cut-out window on two adjacent sides that reveals the cooler heatsink inside:


The cooler specifications are listed on the back of the box. They specifically stress the heatpipes diameter there. The heatsink sits between two pieces of polyurethane foam, with the fan and accessories sitting above and below the heatsink in separate boxes.

Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro comes with the following accessories:

As you see, everything necessary to successfully install the cooler onto any contemporary platform is there. There are even four additional shock-absorbing mounts for the second fan.

At first glance, Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro looks exactly like the Alpehfoehn Brocken cooler we tested before, so we can’t really call it a new product:



The cooler has an exact same heatsink as Alpehfoehn Brocken, which we have already described in detail in the above mentioned review, so we won’t repeat that here and simply refresh your memory with the following photographs:



Here is the base:

And these are the thermal compound imprints left by both test processors on the base of the Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro cooler:

AMD (Socket AM3)

Intel (LGA1366)

The fan is exactly the same, but with a Deep Cool sticker on the rotor:


Its specifications are fully identical to those of the Alpenfoehn Brocken fan: 900-1500 PWM, 60 CFM, 21.4-32.1 dBA, 30,000 hours MTBF).

Even the LED lights are the same:


Keeping in mind this extreme similarity between the two cooling solutions, it doesn’t make much sense to go into details about the cooler installation, especially since it is also described step-by-step in an online manual. However, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this cooler uses a screw-on retention for the AMD platform, which high pressure hold, unlike Akasa Venom cooler we have just discussed above:


The distance between the cooler base and the lowest heatsink plate is 38 mm. This is what Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro cooler looks like when it is installed inside Hyper Osiris system case:

The cooler is priced at $39, which is $5 less than the price of Akasa Venom. It comes with the same 1-year warranty.

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