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Deep Cool Ice Warrior

The next cooler is also manufactured under the Deep Cool brand and is called Ice Warrior. The box is designed in exactly the same manner, as the box of Ice Blade Pro, but the window in the front is cut out in the shape of an “X”:


The cooler is bundled with different accessories. Now we see three retention plates, two pairs of steel retention brackets, a set of screws with washers and bushes, additional wire clips for the fans, fan power adapters and an installation manual:

Deep Cool Ice Warrior is a tower cooler with a 150 W thermal envelope. It measures 136x84x156 mm and weighs 1,172 g (172 g is the fan). It looks very similar to Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme:


The cooler is built around six copper nickel-plated heatpipes 6 mm in diameter that go through the copper nickel-plated base. The heatpipes hold an array of 47 aluminum fins that are soldered to them. Each fin is 0.45 mm thick and the gaps between the fins measure 2 mm. the calculated effective heatsink surface is 7,200 cm2.

There is an embossed X-symbol on both sides of the heatsink, but you shouldn’t expect it to have any technological or optimization value, because according to the manufacturer, it has been made for purely aesthetic purposes, in order to give the heatsink unique and appealing look and please the modding fans:



The heatpipes inside the heatsink are placed in staggered order, which has been done in coolers for the past few years already:

The cooler base is very poorly finished, you can not only see but also feel the machine marks to the touch. Therefore, we can’t quite understand what they implied by saying that “Mirror polished copper base gives perfect contact with the CPU surface”. At least, the base is even. The photos below show the thermal paste imprints from our test CPUs:

AMD (Socket AM3)

Intel (LGA1366)

This cooler is equipped with Deep Cool UF120 fan. We tested this fan in our recent 120 mm Fan Roundup. Here I would only like to repeat that the fan is PWM controlled in the interval from 500 to 1500 RPM. It generates 17.6-27.6 dBA of noise and creates maximum airflow of 66.3 CFM.

Deep Cool Ice Warrior is compatible with all contemporary platforms. Its installation is tool-free, because even the steel retention brackets can be screwed on to the base without any wrench or screwdriver. The cooler is attached with screws to all platforms, so you will need to remove the mainboard from the system case. The detailed installation procedure is described in the following manual. This is what Deep Cool Ice Warrior looks like when installed onto an Intel platform:

The gap between the lowest heatsink plate and the contact surface of the cooler base is 37 mm. Deep Cool Ice Warrior is priced at $49 MSRP and comes with 1-year warranty. But the next Deep Cool product we are about to discuss costs even more…

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