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Deep Cool Killer Whale Premium

Please meet the new Deep Cool Killer Whale Premium! The large box is open on the front, but the cooler is protected by clear plastic casing, so you can have a good look at it. It can also get easily damaged:


Since this cooler is an exact replica of XILENCE Black Hawk Copper we reviewed before, I suggest we simply take another good look at this all-copper top-cooler here:




The base of Deep Cool Killer Whale Premium is impeccably even and polished to mirror shine:

Here are the thermal paste imprints left by our test processors on the cooler base surface:

AMD (Socket AM3)

Intel (LGA1366)

This is what Deep Cool Killer Whale Premium looks like on AMD platform:


…and on Intel platform:

The only difference between Deep Cool Killer Whale Premium and XILENCE Black Hawk Copper is in the color of the fan LEDs: now it is blue instead of red, which looks just as good:

This beauty is priced at $59.

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