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ThermoLab bada2010

The last new cooler we are going to discuss today is made in Taiwan by ThermoLab and is called bada2010. “Bada” translates from Korean as “sea”. The cooler comes in a not very big black box with the cooler photograph on the front:

There is information about the cooler, including its technical specifications printed on other sides of the box:


ThermoLab bada2010 is bundled with the same exact accessories as Baram2010 (except for the installation manual):

But the cooler itself is completely different, of course:



ThermoLab bada2010 is relatively small – 95x115x135 mm and weighs the modest 521 g. The cooler is built on three copper heatpipes 6 mm in diameter and employs heatpipe direct-touch technology. The heatpipes hold 40 aluminum heatsink plates pressed firmly against them. Each plate is 0.35 mm thick and the gap between them is about 1.9-2.0 mm:



The manufacturer claims that the effective heatsink surface area is 5,175 cm2. There is a seven-blade 92x25 mm fan on one side of the heatsink. Its rotation speed is PWM controlled in the interval from 1100 to 2200 RPM. It generates from 17 to 20 dBA of noise. There is no mention of the airflow readings among the cooler specifications. The fan is mounted on four soft spindles inserted into the heatsink slits:

This allows reducing the vibrations transferred from the fan to the heatsink and reduce the overall noise from the fan.

Unlike Baram2010, ThermoLab bada2010 employs heatpipe direct touch technology in the base. The gaps between the heatpipes are 1.8-2.0 mm wide:

The aluminum inserts between the heatpipes are fraction of a millimeter taller than the heatpipes contact surface, but despite this fact, both processor heat-spreaders left very decent imprints on the cooler surface:

AMD (Socket AM3)

Intel (LGA1366)

The cooler is compatible with all contemporary platforms and uses the same installation principles as Baram2010. You will need to attach the retention loops in a little bit different manner for the AMD platform than you would do for Intel:

The cooler is very compact, but the gap between the lowest heatsink plate and the cooler base is also quite small – only 30 mm:


ThermoLab bada2010 is priced at $39 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

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