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Acoustic Performance

We measured the acoustic performance of our today’s testing participants in the entire rotation speed range of their fans. The results are summed up on the following graph:

As we can see, Akasa Venom Voodoo against can’t boast much. Thermalright True Spirit beats it in all aspects, including the level of generated noise. The cooler is acoustically comfortable at up to 950 RPM, and quiet up to 780 RPM. Nevertheless, I have to say that Akasa fans are of real good quality. They do not crackle or make any other parasitic noises during operation; they boast low power consumption (2.04 W each) and low startup voltage (4 V).


That’s what the rock’n’roll from Akasa is like. If you are looking for efficient cooling at a low level of noise, then you might want to consider other options, maybe even cheaper ones. As for Venom Voodoo, it will be great for those users who are into snakes, Voodoo cult, yellow color and similar things, and also those who are going to be among the first owners of the new LGA2011 system and are ready to invest $60 into a new cooler for it. And this is something Akasa Venom Voodoo is absolutely ready for.

And on a serious note, we believe that the cooler didn’t do as great as it could, because of the incorrect number of heatpipes used for this particular design. Two heatpipes out of four simply do not work and just hang off the sides of the processor heat-spreader. Moreover, the heatsink base could use quite a bit of work, because the current 2 mm gaps between the heatpipes do not allow to transfer heat fast enough. As for the advantages of the new Venom Voodoo cooler, we should definitely point out informative and reliable packaging, universal and easy to install retention mechanism that provides super-high hold pressure, and, of course, attractive exterior design.

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