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Closer Look

So, what are the features distinguishing this solution from the regular air-cooler? You can see what I am talking about immediately when you remove the fan:

In the center there is a small pump with 80l/h water flow and up to 1.2m water pressure (all the data are given according to the manufacturer’s specifications). The fluid flows along internal pipes, 5mm in diameter, and gets through plated aluminum heatsink 90x90x50mm in size. The aluminum sole is not just a chunk of metal: it is a complete water unit. I don’t know really what internal structure can fit into a small area like this, but apparently they did it.

The fan is 92mm in diameter and rotates at 2,800rpm maximum speed. It is equipped with a four-pin connector that allows the mainboard to manage its rotation speed. as for the pump it features a regular three-pin connector.

There is nothing at the top of the construction except for the liquid filling hole. It is covered with a sticker warning you that the warranty will be void if the sticker is removed. Note that the protective grid at the back of the heatsink can be removed, and a second fan can be mounted instead. Of course, you should keep in mind that it will increase the size of the solution and it will not fit onto some mainboards at all this way.

The water unit sole is covered with the protective film. However, it is an absolutely unnecessary measure, because the sole finish quality is quite low (you can even see the mechanical traces with a naked eye) and hence cannot be harmed in any way already.

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