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Testbed and Methods

I was going to compare the performance of AKUATEK eXtreme FS-92 against the best coolers with heatpipes that we have had in our lab so far, such as:

At least from the dimensions standpoint, the system can be compared with Zalman CNPS9500 LED (for details see our article called First Look at Zalman CNPS9500 LED: the Power of Air, the Efficiency of Water ) and is even smaller than Tuniq Tower 120 (for details see our article called Tuniq Tower 120 Cooler Review: All Super Coolers are Great, but Some Are Greater Than the Others ).

We carried out some preliminary tests on an open testbed and later on we were going to put the system for another test session into the thermal chamber. Intel Pentium 4 521 CPU (2.8GHz, Prescott E0) was overclocked to 4.2GHz by raising the FSB frequency up to 300MHz and increasing the Vcore to 1.375V. We used Zalman thermal paste in all tests. As for the software, we used S&M utility working at 100% workload and SpeedFan 4.28 utility for temperature control. The fan was working at its maximum speed (and 2,800rpm turned out to be quite noisy). According to the mainboard, the pump cycle speed was 2,000rpm.

Well, let’s check out the results now.

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