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Against the background of the world leading brands in the PC cooling solutions market, Alpenfoehn Company could remain totally unnoticed if it hadn’t been for one very interesting cooler. Today we are going to introduce to you this particular processor cooler.

Its name is “Alpenfoehn Brocken”. As we learned from one of the company reps, “Alpenfoehn” is a specific wind in the Alps and “Brocken” is the highest peak of the Harz mountain range and also the highest peak of Northern Germany located near the rivers Weser and Elbe. This new processor cooler combines all the best technological achievements in the CPU cooling field and together with excellent German quality gives common users as well as overclockers a lot of hopes for remarkable efficiency and low noise levels. Let’s see if our hopes come true.

Package and Accessories

Alpenfoehn Brocken cooler ships in a medium sized box with dominating light colors. There is a cut-out window in one of the box corners revealing part of the cooler inside through clear plastic:

As a rule, the manufacturers use these windows to attract some attention and get potential customers a pick at the cooler inside. The side of the box contains the specifications of the device as well as the list of supported processor sockets:

The box is split into three sections. The top one contains a 120 mm fan in a separate box, then comes a divider made of polyurethane foam that covers the heatsink. Below the heatsink there is another divider with a cut-out hole for the cooler base. This way the heatsink is very well protected against any possible transportations mishaps. At the very bottom of the box you find all the bundled accessories:

Let me list all of them from left to right and from top to bottom:

  • Universal backplate;
  • Steel retention plate for mainboards supporting Intel CPUs;
  • Thermal compound;
  • Steel retention plate for mainboards supporting AMD CPUs;
  • Installation instructions;
  • Two plastic brackets for LGA 775/1366 mainboards and four threaded plastic bushes;
  • Steel thumb-screws, screws, washers and screw-nuts;
  • Four silicone shock absorbing mounts for the fan;
  • Four wire clips for attaching the fan to the heatsink.

That’s all you get with the cooler, but that’s actually all you need. At this point we only have to add that Alpenfoehn Brocken is made in China and is priced at $59.

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