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The Alpenföhn Nordwand makes it clear that the heat-pipe direct touch technology is being polished off, improving the efficiency of such coolers. Despite some minor flaws in its design, the new cooler delivers the best results among HDT coolers I have tested so far and is not far behind the absolute leader among all tested coolers. It is good that the engineers did not try to make the Alpenföhn’s fan faster than 1500-1600 RPM as such speeds usually have little practical worth. Instead, they equipped the cooler with an adequate and sufficient fan with nice-looking LED highlighting. It is a pity though that there is only one fan.

Besides high performance and low noise, the Nordwand supports multiple platforms and has a reliable fastening mechanism. Its pricing makes it competitive with today’s best air-based cooling solutions.

Taking into account its excellent performance and above listed advantages we decided to award Alpenföhn Nordwand with our Recommended Buy title.

I guess this cooler can even be improved some more. Its heat pipes might be pressed together in the base without the aluminum inserts and its heat pipes might be placed differently in the heatsink body (this would make the heatsink just a little bit larger). Two default 120mm fans would also be appropriate. I hope I will be able to test a modified version like that some day.

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