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The Phantom is the very first cooler produced by AMA. Its background story goes like this: “The secret weapon of the alliance of galaxy, Phantom is a highly invisible fleet…”

The spread of the box shows a photo of the cooler as well as its elements and specs. You can also see the top of the Phantom itself with an AMA logo.

The cooler is a typical tower measuring 129x102x143 millimeters at 689 grams of mass. It has six nickel-plated copper pipes, 6 millimeters in diameter, which go through a nickel-plated copper base.



There are 45 aluminum plates (0.45 millimeters thick and 1.7 millimeters apart from each other) on the heat pipes. Soldering can be seen in the points of contact, which is good news for overclockers.

The heatsink is cooled by a single 92x25mm fan.


A decorative plastic cap is attached to the top of the heatsink with two self-tipping screws.


When you take it off, you can easily see that the heatsink is symmetrical and calls for a second fan to be installed on its other side to exhaust the air.

The heat pipes go in two neat rows in the heatsink body, each row consisting of six pipes.

Take note that the pipes are grouped by three in each row and diverge a little from the heatsink’s center. The cooler’s sole is polished to a mirror shine:

It is also perfectly flat.

The heat pipes are soldered up neatly in the grooves of the base. The minimum thickness of the metal under the pipes is 2 millimeters.

The AMA Phantom is equipped with a 7-blade 92x92x25mm fan manufactured by Everflow.

According to the specs, the T129025SМ fan is PWM-controlled in the range of 1200 to 2500 (±10 %) RPM. The specified noise level is 20 dBA (this must be the bottom level of noise). The airflow and the static pressure of the fan are not declared.

Unlike many other air coolers, the AMA Phantom looks quite interesting inside a system case.

The fan’s blue LEDs will make this cooler even more beautiful in the evening.

The AMA Phantom is one of the cheapest products in this review, its recommended price being $49.

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