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AMA’s next cooler is called Elf.

The cooler’s specs and the list of processors the Elf can cope with are printed on the spread of the box.

The transparent window allows you a glimpse of the cooler’s casing and part of the heatsink but you should take it out and into your hands to have a better view.


The new cooler looks highly unusual thanks to the aluminum casing that partially covers the heatsink. The acid-blue inserts in this casing are made from a material that resembles pile cloth. It makes the cooler very attractive.

The Elf consists of six nickel-plated copper heat pipes, 6 millimeters in diameter. They go through a nickel-plated copper base.


Two blocks of aluminum plates (45 millimeters thick and 1 to 3 millimeters apart) hang on the pipes.


There is a total of 144 plates (72 in each block). The Elf measures 129x120x143 millimeters and weighs 679 grams. A 92mm impeller is installed between the heatsink blocks. It is the same as the impeller of the AMA Phantom.

The pipes pierce the heatsinks in two groups, three pipes in each group.

The ends of the heat pipes nearly touch at the top of the heatsinks. The contact between the plates and pipes and between the pipes and base is ensured through soldering.

The Elf’s sole is perfectly flat and finished just as well as the Phantom’s.

This cooler looks amazing inside a system case.

Thanks to the blue LED lighting of the fan, AMA’s Elf is probably the most beautiful cooler of our time when it’s dark.

The recommended price of this new cooler is $47.

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