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Next goes the Orc.

The box is designed in AMA’s unified style. You can read the background of this Orc on the spread of the box.

Like the rest of AMA’s coolers, the Orc looks very pretty and original.


This is the only model in this test to drive the air towards the surface of the mainboard. It measures 155x135x120 millimeters at 660 grams of weight. The cooler consists of six copper heat pipes, 6 millimeters in diameter, that go out of a copper base. Copper plates (0.25 millimeters thick and 1.5 to 2 millimeters apart) are press-fitted to the pipes.

A 120mm fan impeller is installed on top of the heatsink.


The sides are partially covered by two plastic pieces stylized to look like spiked shields.

You can unfasten a couple of screws to take off those pieces of plastic.

Then you can examine the cooler’s heatsink closely.


The first notable thing is that the heatsink sections are slightly bent down, and one section more so than the other. It’s hard to tell if this is a defect of the specific sample of the cooler or the feature of the entire series. Another special trait of the Orc is that it has six individual heatsinks (one for each pipe). The smallest heatsinks consisting of 39 copper fins are located on the interior semicircle. The medium heatsinks have 54 fins and the exterior ones, 76 fins each. Take note that the smallest heatsinks reside on the two central heat pipes that carry the biggest share of the thermal flow. I guess these heatsinks are also cooled poorly by the fan because they are located right beneath the fan’s motor. Therefore, I think that the Orc might be more efficient if its pipes were placed in such a way that the two pipes going out of the center of the base pierced the exterior heatsink which is the biggest and best cooled by the fan. Alas, the developer didn’t think about that.

The cooler’s sole is flat and finished perfectly.

Here is the trace of the polished-off heat-spreader of an LGA1366 processor on the sole of the Orc cooler:

As I said above, the Orc is equipped with a green 9-blade 120mm fan impeller manufactured by Everflow.

The T121225SH model runs on a sliding bearing with an increased service life (but the exact length of that life is not specified for some reason). The fan speed is PWM-controlled in the range of 1100 to 2000 RPM (±10%). The fan’s airflow and static pressure are not specified but the bottom noise level is declared to be 17 dBA.

The AMA Orc looks beautiful in a system case both in the daytime…

…and at night:

This beauty comes at a recommended price of $59.

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