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AMA’s flagship cooler is called Stormblazer.

The front spread of the box shows you a photo of the cooler and its specifications. The transparent window gives you a glimpse of its heatsink.

The AMA Stormblazer is a very beautiful cooler and even good photos fail to convey its exterior appeal.


This all-copper thing measures 124x106x144 millimeters at 850 grams of weight. It consists of six copper heat pipes, each 6 millimeters in diameter. The pipes go out of a copper base. There are also two blocks of radial heatsinks and a fan in between them. The fan is covered from the sides with a plastic piece with a picture of a crown and sword.


Each block of the Stormblazer’s heatsink consists of 93 copper fins. Thus, the total number of fins is 186. Each fin is a mere 0.25 millimeters thick. They are soft and bend easily when you touch them with your finger. The fins are placed 1 to 3 millimeters apart depending on how far they are from the heat pipes.


The fins seem to be press-fitted to the pipes. There is no trace of soldering or thermal glue in the points of contact.

There are drops of solder in the grooves of the cooler’s base where the heat pipes lie. Everything is very neat and tidy, though.

The Stormblazer’s sole is as flat and well-finished as the Orc’s. It also has the same 120mm impeller installed between the two sections of its heatsink.

The LEDs here are white and it looks even nicer than the Orc’s green.

The AMA Stormblazer is the most expensive product among the four: its recommended price is $66.

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